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JAN 2023 - MAY 2023

Level DesignerHalf-Life 2 CUSTOM MOD

• Scripted custom APC boss enemy behavior and actions throughout the level.
• Developed a system of damage stages to play VFX from the boss enemy using visual scripting.
• Designed level layout to interact with APC boss enemy and dynamically change from the enemy’s movement.
• Scripted other enemies to ambush players during regular playtime and during the boss fight.

AUG 2022 - DEC 2022

Level Designer | Conjury Revell, ARENA SHOOTER, Released to Steam 2023

• Collaborated with systems, mission, and design leadership teams from preproduction to shipped product.
• Utilized unreal sequencer and key-framing to create smooth cinematic transitions to show player goals.
• Increased game content by 30% within the second and third level’s design pipeline.
• Sandboxed and implemented levels for metrics testing according to lead level designer’s vision and scope.

JAN 2022 - May 2022

Level Designer | Hex Rally Racers, KART RACER, Released to Steam 2022

• Designed Shroom Shire, one of the six tracks within the game, from concept to launch.
• Built collision for meshes and raceways between three different track teams.
• Set dressed two different track’s skyboxes, raceway, foreground, and midground.
• Worked with programming and art teams to create LODs to improve performance metrics and framerate.

Engines and Technical Tools

  • Unity

  • Unreal 4 & 5

  • Creation Kit

  • Hammer

  • Dying Light Developer Tools

  • Lua

  • JIRA Software

  • I/O Scripting

  • Papyrus

  • UE Blueprints

  • Perforce

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

  • 3DS Max


  • Cross-discipline Communication

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Level Integration

  • Self-driven

  • Collaboration

  • Concept Pitching

  • Quality Written Documentation

  • Critical Thinking

  • Positive Demeanor


Master of Interactive Technology Specialized in Level Design, SMU Guildhall 2023

Bachelor of Science in Marketing, LSU 2021

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