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Hex Rally Racers

My Role

  • Designed Shroom Shire, one of the six tracks within the game, from concept to launch.
  • Built collision for 3 different tracks.
  • Worked on set dressing for 2 different tracks.
  • Worked with programming and art teams to create LODs and background cards for the level skybox.

Game Summary

Hex Rally Racers is a 3D arcade racing game for PC where players race on floating brooms through wild twisting and turning tracks, collecting magical ingredients to cast spells against other players.
Unreal Engine 4.27.2
Development Time:
4 months
Team Size:
56 team members

Initial Concept

Concept Art.png
White Board.png
After receiving concept art from the art department our team got to work sketching out what the track would look like. The team came up with a very solid plan up front so there was very little iteration over the project, however, there were minor adjustments such as the angle of the village section or the width of the mountain track.

Design Goals


My design Shroom Shire's track layout was made to emphasize verticality. Specifically a section of the trakc that lies along a mountain range and a lower section that winds through a small mushroom village.

Launching off of Ramps

I worked with my team to include multiple unique and exciting instances of the ramps present within the base game. These ramps helped move players between different points of elevation.



Varied Elevation and Gameplay

During development the mushroom team decided that verticality would be a point of emphasis for this track. I designed a track that could accomodate that desire. The mountainside portion of the map offers wide natural lanes for players to swap between, while the village section has tighter man-made turns.

Launching off of Ramps


Entry & Exit Points

To utilize our game's ramp mechanic more I pitched to the mushroom team that we use these ramps as transition points when moving onto and off of the mountain.

This took a lot of fine tuning to get accurate and consistent, but I believe it to be one of the highlights of the level.


What Went Well

  • Game approved for sale on Steam
  • My track contains a lot of exciting player moments
  • Worked effectively with a team composed of multiple disciplines

What Went Wrong

  • With such a large studio it was often difficult to communicate between different teams
  • Organizing tasks and the level itself became more difficult as the scope of the level increased

What I Learned

  • How to work with a team of designers
  • How to meet a lead or stakeholder's expectations
  • Having a strong plan up front allows for more time iterating


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